How to Prevent Redesign Excitement Distraction Disorder (REDD)

Sitecore Solution Partners provide thought leadership and a vision for creating great digital experiences. Redesign Excitement Distraction Disorder (REDD) may not be recognized by clinical professionals, but it’s a real thing. And anyone who has worked on a website redesign or redevelopment can easily spot the symptoms. It starts with enthusiasm and excitement about the possibilities for what’s to come. It’s then followed by a need to air all grievances and frustrations with the current system in place; and lastly, a feeling of anxiety as the final deadline approaches. In addition, throughout the entire process, there is a consistent feeling of a need for new and more content which often contributes to anxiety and a feeling of being overwhelmed. With all the commotion and excitement surrounding such a large undertaking…
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What is Sitecore?

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  Sitecore is a worldwide programming organization offering two noteworthy items: an intense content management system; and a completely versatile Digital Marketing System (DMS). In this post I'll be taking a gander at the content management system side of Sitecore, including the usefulness and API it offers engineers (we'll take a gander at the DMS in another post). The Sitecore CMS – a presentation Sitecore is one of the main endeavor level substance administration frameworks based on ASP.NET, empowering web content editors and advertisers to have full control over all parts of their site from social reconciliation and blog entries to cutting edge personalization, internet business and the sky is the limit from there. Propelled in 2001, Sitecore has utilized the .NET stage from the earliest starting point of the…
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