Application Transformation

In this evolving world of technology, our clients have a continuous need to re-engineer the existing application to the latest technology. We will help our clients in Re-engineering and migration projects involving database, adapting to new languages and migration of data from a legacy platform to a new platform

Re-engineering & Migration

Re-engineering and Migration are important processes recognized by every organization to update their application with new versions which can simultaneously reduce the maintenance cost. It enhances flexibility of the applications with high-performance

We Perform

  • Analysis of existing applications
  • Identifying new technology
  • Developing new applications
  • Migration of data from the legacy application and Implementation

Database Migration

  • MS Access to SQL Server
  • SQL Server to Oracle
  • File Based System to SQL Server

Application Migration

  • Asp to ASP.NET
  • Visual Basic to .NET
  • FoxPro to .NET
  • Power Builder to .NET or J2EE

Web Migration

  • Web enablement of legacy applications