Mobile Technologies

Our expertise focusing on providing best solution to the clients by developing a dynamic mobile app which can be used across all major platforms. Under Mobile application development, we also do integrate the web functionality into various mobile platforms with the support of our highly qualified professionals in the mobile app development.

At our Mobile App development team in India, we are proficient in developing and delivering m-commerce solutions with superior quality.

Being one amongst the top mobile application development companies, with our strong adroitness in developing the mobile apps, we offer custom mobile application development on the following platforms:

Mobile Web Apps

We are highly wizard in developing mobile optimized web pages using .Net MVC 4/5, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery technologies. The mobile web app combines the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices.

The apps are developed and deployed in such a way that any mobile can access the mobile web app using any browser with no risk of performance issues.

Native Apps

We are expert in evolving Native app for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. The Apps can be deployed in Apple App Store and Google Play Store and Windows App Store. The Apps are designed in a way which can work offline.

We follow the basic conventions and best practices while creating the Native app to ensure better user experience.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

We are also providing Cross Platform Mobile Apps development for iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry platforms using HTML5, CSS3, JQuery Mobile and Phonegap. We follow the trend dubbed BYOD (bring your own device) approach to improve the consumerisation.

In hands with our offshore mobile developers in the field of hybrid apps development, we increased the perceptibility of the app in which it can be distributed natively (via app stores) and to the mobile browsers (via search engines) with advanced offline capabilities.

Mobile UI/UX design

In a vision to render the same source code in different resolution of Desktop, Tablet and Mobile browsers, we use Bootstrap RWD framework, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery technologies to provide our customers the incessant digital experience. Our UI/UX designers are particular about ‘how the product is laid out’ and also it should be synced with the business requirements.

We turn your idea and concept into an ideal visual representation of your business needs. Our designers ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next by creating a delightful onboarding flow for a new user and also responsible for maintaining consistency in visual elements.