Fixed Price Model

Fixed price model is feasible for projects with well defined requirements and schedules.

We recommend this model when your requirements are clear and defined in detail; the projects are carried over a few days to a few months. This model works where the scope and specifications of the project are crystal clear from the very beginning and system requirements have been defined clearly. And very important to discuss everything and make an estimation of the appropriate cost of the project at the very beginning.

  • We will estimate the project scope and complexity when your need is clearly specified in sufficient detail.
  • We provide a project delivery schedule along with a fixed price for the complete software development.
  • We provide flexibility to utilize the team for different requirements as needed.
  • We ensure the quality delivery of the final product within the time frame.
  • Finally, you pay a mutually agreed fixed price for the project delivery and implementation.
  • The Fixed Price model project plan specifies costs, timelines and deliverables in unambiguous terms and is ideal for customers with set goals, detailed project specifications.