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Sitecore Marketplace Module Development Services

Sitecore Marketplace Module Development Services in USA India

Sitecore Marketplace Module Development Services

What is the Sitecore Module?

The Sitecore module is a great way to extends, replaces, or provide new functionality to Sitecore. The module can be easily installed through Sitecore ZIP packages. Developers can create their Sitecore module and published it on the Sitecore marketplace that will help with discoverability to other developers to make it useful on their projects. Sitecore modules can be installed in the Sitecore instance for solutions need. These modules are two categories:

  • Sitecore official modules – modules created and supported by Sitecore
  • Sitecore community modules – unofficial modules developed by the Sitecore community that are downloadable from the Sitecore Market place

Here is some popular Sitecore modules are available in the Sitecore Marketplace

  • Sitecore Rocks
  • Sitecore PowerShell Extensions
  • Sitecore Log Analyzer
  • Sitecore Instance Manager
  • 301 Redirect Module

How to create Sitecore Module

A module is developed in your local Sitecore environment using the same tools and development stack as a Sitecore developer. All the necessary DLL files, Sitecore items, configuration, etc. are then bundled into a Sitecore ZIP package for distribution on the Sitecore Marketplace or other platforms. A Sitecore module has a set of custom code, content items, and configurations that work together to make expected functionality to Sitecore.

A Sitecore module has the following implementation.

  • Sitecore items: content, settings, media, layouts, renderings – whatever is necessary to provide the module’s functionality; module-related settings should be grouped under the /Sitecore/System/Modules/<your_module> in the master database.
  • Configuration: all configuration necessary for the module (new pipelines, patches, app settings, etc.).
  • Custom C# code: the heart of most modules – compiled backend code that makes it all possible.
  • JavaScript applications: whether SPEAK-based or custom, JavaScript can also play a role in building module functionality.
  • Other programs: any external applications or tools that support the module.

Why Sitecore Module?

Creating a Sitecore module will enhance your core projects by adding new features to Sitecore. As a Sitecore expert that we know, Sitecore’s strength of the platform is its extensibility of any level and it’s made it easy to customization on top of the base product requires for every Sitecore project. This Sitecore module plays a key role in customization handling for customer’s business needs.

Developers can write their own modules for internal use and sharing your creation on the Marketplace is a great way to get involved in the Sitecore community. Open source your code and your work in view of the public and other developers have a chance to use your module and provide feedback on your code. This can improve your module by submitting bug fixes and add new features. If your idea for a module is already served by an open-source community module, see if you can contribute bug fixes or new features.

A module is the best way to provide common, re-usable functionality for new and old projects. Creating a Sitecore module is one of the best ways to learn all about the inner workings of Sitecore. Sitecore has lots of documentation available for major pieces of the platform, there is still a lack of deep technical documentation readily available online.  A good Sitecore developer doesn’t just write quality code, they know how and where to write quality code to interact with Sitecore’s libraries and processes. Because a module may hook deep into Sitecore like altering pipeline processors, patching existing configuration, etc., SkyBridge is Sitecore’s Certified Implementation and Solution Partner, We earned our Certified implementation partner status through many years of successful implementation for many industries across the globe. Our customers are highly satisfied and continue to use our Sitecore Sitecore Marketplace Development Services to take care of all their Sitecore implementations.

Sitecore Marketplace Module Development ServicesAuthor: Krithvik TRS, Sitecore Specialist

Author: Krithvik TRS, Sitecore Specialist



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