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xConnect Data Purge for Contacts | Sitecore Solution Partner

xConnect Data Purge for Contacts | Sitecore Solution Partner
xConnect Data Purge for Contacts

xConnect Data Purge for Contacts | Sitecore Solution Partner

The data purge tool is mainly used to wipe up unused analytical data to free up space and delete irrelevant data. This tool did not contact with site for a certain quantity of days purge anonymous contacts or use some customize to further filter contact data extraction before purging. This option is very useful to remove unwanted elements in the selection of contact data to purge for more clearly defined use cases.

The data purge task begins through the way of Web API request or the DevEx CLI xConnect plugin. We should mainly consider backup up the collection database before a purge task is registered. After you have created a purge task, there is no urgent ability to cancel or pause the task. You may lose some of the data due to purging after a cancellation. This tool worked the base cortex processing engine and contact data extraction to extract data from the collection database and then delete refine contacts through the client API.

There are two steps need to proceed with the data purge process.

  • Extract data in batches from the collection database.
  • Delete contacts based on the provided options.

We can optimize the data purge process by the way of enabling the scalable reads through the read-only workloads feature on xConnect. Scalable Reads can give wat to data extraction processes to the secondary node of the mirror collection database. When deleting data, operations run against the head node.

Content Management (CM) authentication limits access to the data purge Web API and xConnect CLI plugin. All users that want to run data purge operations must have admin permissions or be a member of the role sitecore\Sitecore XConnect Data Admin.

There are two ways need to authenticate and access the xConnect data purge tool.

–  Log in to the CM server to authenticate with the xConnect Web API.

–  Log in to the Sitecore CLI to authenticate with the xConnect CLI plugin.

We can run the Web API for data purge tasks through content management instances with HTTP requests. We can run any API tools which allow us to send GET, Post and PUT requests like the Postman tool. We can use the xConnect data purge Web API to delete unwanted data from your contacts. To do this, you must register a data purge task, and also, we can monitor and cancel the API task.

The xConnect DevEx CLI plugin persists in Sitecore.DevEx.Extensibility.XConnect bring a

Set of commands for registering contact purge tasks, monitoring a task’s progress, and canceling tasks. The xConnect DevEx CLI plugin is published into Sitecore.DevEx.Extensibility.XConnect.

This plugin inserts the XConnect command to the DevEx CLI. The XConnect command contains a

Purge subcommand to manage data purge tasks with the following further subcommands:

Contacts – manages data purge commands related only to contact data.

Contacts start – registers a data purge task to delete contacts based on the specified parameters.

Cancel – cancels the ongoing data purge task.

Status – returns the status of the registered data purge task.

xConnect Data Purge for Contacts | Sitecore Solution Partner

Author: Karthick, Sitecore Specialist.


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