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The 4 Cs of Digital Disruption – Digital Marketing Agency

Driving your digital customer experience – Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency, In the last several years, the importance of the customer experience has taken the stage, and the digital customer experience is in the spotlight. The impact of the customer experience is so significant that organizations can no longer ignore or sideline it. Customer experience needs to be an integral part of any business strategy, whether customer- or employee-facing.

There are several key areas to focus on when considering your digital customer experience. we call them the “4 Cs of Digital Disruption”—customer, content, context, and connectivity.  In this blog, we’ll walk you through all four.

Customer – Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency, Learn who your customers are by understanding what their needs are at each stage of the entire journey – not just the touch points.  Capture contextual and behavioral data, and respond to it – in real time – tracking key metrics to understand the impact of your efforts.

Encourage communication by seamlessly offering channels of interaction that foster engagement. “Your room is ready,” “Your car is arriving,” or “We thought you’d be interested in this” are examples of positive and personal interactions.  Remove as much friction as possible and always ensure that your messaging, marketing, and offers are consistent across channels.


Provide valuable content at key moments to help the user and to establish an authoritative position. For example, connecting with customers and prospects on their mobile devices with relevant content during critical micro-moments can establish a dialogue early in the purchasing cycle and establish your brand as a trusted source.

Increasingly, rich media (animation and video) is becoming important to retaining customer interest, but make sure you’re delivering it effectively and efficiently (and not gratuitously). Empower stakeholders who best understand the relevance of rich media to the business, unify diverse sources, and manage workflow processes based on scalability. Companies like Chubbies and Warby Parker have built powerful brands through the delivery of high-quality content.

And don’t forget about SEO.  Make it easy for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your content.  Make sure your content is relevant and useful to the customer and includes the right keywords.  SEO plays an important part of ensuring your content is discoverable by search engines like Google and Bing.

Context – Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency, Go beyond basic personalization such as name and location, and discover the context of your users—including device-specific and data analytic-based nuances like customer profile, purchase history, market situation, sales history, products browsed or bought, and visit recency and frequency. Collect, aggregate, and scrub data from the right sources to ensure that decisions are based on data about your customers, and not instincts.

Increase relevance and continue engagement with customers by delivering the right experience at the right time, based on what’s known about them. Retailers like Sephora and Nordstrom lead the pack with contextually relevant, personalized experiences. Whether it’s showing product recommendations based on previous purchases and what other like-minded users bought, or carrying over an in-process cart from desktop to mobile, contextual personalization drives relevancy and customer satisfaction.


Processes are critical, so ensure that both people and systems are properly integrated. Systems that may have grown up in discrete silos now need to share data and intelligence. Forward-thinking organizations are leveraging cloud computing and DevOps to build applications that traverse business silos and create processes to release capabilities and features on a more frequent basis.

Organizational agility is key and will require a careful analysis of the diverse ecosystems of suppliers to see where partnerships are really adding value. Your customers don’t care about your business unit structure—exposing it to them through disconnected systems is a sure way to create unnecessary friction.

Digital interaction and communications may have changed many things, but certain underlying key principles remain. It’s all about the customer; their experience discovering, engaging, and transacting with the supplier; and your ability to continue to foster the customer relationship.

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