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Sitecore Cloud: The Technical Evolution Continues – Sitecore Implementation

Sitecore Implementation: The Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) 8.2 Update 1 that I wrote about last December was the beginning of our cloud journey and elevated partnership with Microsoft on Azure.  And today, we are taking it to the next level with the continued technical evolution of our cloud offerings and the announcement of Sitecore Cloud.

Evolution of the offerings – Sitecore implementation

Since Update 1 was released, we have not been standing still and have been working continuously to mature our cloud technologies.

  • First, we have added to the Sitecore Azure Toolkit to support larger topologies than those initially offered.
  • Second, we have added support for the full Sitecore Experience Platform on Azure Marketplace, meaning that, provided you have a MongoDB instance provisioned and available, you only need to fill in one form to deploy Sitecore XP. Azure platform-as-a-service support has been added to our Sitecore Experience Accelerator product since its 1.2 release.
  • And, we have just made available support for Web Forms for Marketers and our second-generation Azure Toolkit, which delivers a more modular and flexible approach with the Sitecore software cleanly separated from the Azure resources.

This foundation enables Certified Sitecore Solution Partners to now offer their own robust managed offerings leveraging Sitecore in Azure.

Sitecore Managed Cloud – Sitecore implementation

And, now to tie it all together, we are offering Sitecore Managed Cloud. Here, Sitecore’s Cloud Operations will take care of managing and health-monitoring the underlying Azure infrastructure and Sitecore software under an end-to-end service level agreement directly from Sitecore or your preferred solution partner with consumption-based licensing. Customers and partners will still have full access to and control over their infrastructure, data, and code—but without the worry of actually caring for and feeding the infrastructure. Sitecore Managed Cloud is now available for either content management – only workloads or with the full Sitecore Experience Platform.

Expanded geographical presence – Sitecore implementation

In partnership with Microsoft, we are rapidly adding support for additional Azure Regions as the underlying technologies needed to support Sitecore become available globally. Our cloud strategy is aimed at ensuring our customers and partners have the utmost flexibility to suit all business and deployment models. With our recent updates and Sitecore Managed Cloud, customers will benefit from faster time to value and worry-free operations. Simultaneously, all customers can benefit from the seamless scale and simplified infrastructure of running natively on Azure PaaS.

An even brighter future – Sitecore implementation

We have even more developments coming out in the weeks and months ahead. Look forward to seeing Email Experience Manager and Sitecore Commerce soon becoming available as the rest of the portfolio transitions to Azure PaaS. And in partnership with Microsoft, we are soon launching a new provisioning experience on Azure Marketplace that will see availability of the rest of our portfolio via Marketplace in the near future.

Source: By Ryan Donovan, Sitecore India


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