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Sitecore 10 for Content Editors and Marketers | Sitecore CMS Migration Services

Sitecore 10 for Content Editors and Marketers | Sitecore CMS Migration Services

Sitecore 10 for Content Editors and Marketers

Sitecore 10 upgrade has been a much-expected version of Sitecore. The upgrade surrounds new features to improve the life of marketers and developers easier. Sitecore 10 upgrade focus on improving the development process very faster and give more flexibility to both content editing and providing the best-personalized user feels and experience and also Sitecore 10 automatically send birthday messages and other greeting messages to users ahead of personalization to altogether for the upcoming stage.

The new features like greeting messages send to users and present time coordination with Salesforce Marketing Cloud give chance marketers to create better all-channel engagement.

For developers, Sitecore 10 has stated full public support for containers that support fast architecture-as-code deployment and give more structured solutions and team onboarding with modern docker and Kubernetes technology.

Sitecore 10 upgrade has been started specifically to meet the requirement of developers and marketers. the below gives details of the Sitecore 10 features.

Sitecore Container:

Sitecore has given public support for containers through Sitecore 10 and the docker repository. Docker provides below benefits to users

– Flexible development and Kubernetes for production
– The rapid onboarding process for team members
– Quick intersect issues in local configure
– Working on several projects simultaneously

Headless Experience with Asp.net core:

Sitecore has started the headless development method with a headless ASP.net core option and has provided JSS based SDK for headless services. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

– Combined Sitecore solution with the latest .NET core technologies.
– Fast productivity and solution and flexibility.
– Accomplish low price and high rate with the various case.

Content Hub integration:

Sitecore has introduced a new 3.4 version of Sitecore Content Hub that provides new strong, smooth, and extensible capabilities to useful brands to accelerate their new digital transformations. Sitecore Experience Platform 10 helps to combine editor experience with Content Hub. The benefits of content-hub are below

– The simple way to handle content management is by integrating media from CMP and DAM to a common adapted source.
– Ease of use with an extended integration to a third-party solution
– Improved workflows

Sitecore Experience Accelerator:

Sitecore Experience Accelerator 10 supports running on an instance hosted in a Docker container, the benefits of this new feature are listed below:

– Permit uploading theme assets from the command line without support run the watching task
– Default enabled Language fallback option for all the out-of-the-box data sources.
– Improvement in rendering placeholder wrappers performance.

Email Experience Manager:

In Sitecore 10 new template options for creating email campaigns have been added:

– Image Focus
– Left Image Block
– Right Image Block

Below few templates are converted from webform to MVC:

– Announcement
– Alternating Columns
– Call to Action Focus


In Sitecore 10 existing horizons come with some extended versions, with this, users can edit metadata within the Horizon editing experience. Below are some benefits from this.

– Content management without the presentation layer.
– Multisite and multilingual environment.
– Creation of specific images and content editing for all fields in the website

Sitecore Command Line Interface (CLI) for serialization:

The new feature CLI in Sitecore 10 offers high capability interacting with Sitecore, it has performed serialization without the help of gulp and other configuration and syncing so human errors will be minimized. Some of the CLI for serialization are mentioned below.

– Ability to log in, publish and serialize through command line
– Direct configuration and serialization did through the simple way from visual studio

Our experienced Sitecore Certified Developers will implement Sitecore CMS Migration Services and the latest Sitecore Upgrade Services for clients. Skybridge is a Certified Sitecore CMS Technology Partner Company in the USA and India.

Sitecore 10 for Content Editors and Marketers | Sitecore CMS Migration Services


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