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Sitecore 10 Docker Container | Sitecore CMS Development Services

Sitecore 10 Docker Container | Sitecore CMS Development Services
Sitecore 10 Docker Container

Sitecore 10 Docker Container | Sitecore CMS Development Services

Docker is open-source software that is used to run the development software, containers are virtualized, isolated, and lightweight environments. Containers are units of the software package and contain the libraries then the dependencies of the software, so the container can run anywhere means all the environments such as developer’s machine, on-prem server, or in the cloud. The containers are easy to deploy and easily can maintain the software, regardless of the environment.

Advantages of Docker Container

  • Lightweight – Small size on the disk
  • Isolation – Containers isolate the application not only each other container but also from other systems
  • Portability – Containers runs any of the machines which support the docker environment
  • Loose Coupling – Containers are highly encapsulated, so replacing containers won’t make problems with other containers
  • Scalability – Containers are lightweight also loosely coupled, scaling the environment at the time of traffic are high-performance tasks it is not a big deal.

Container vs Virtual Machines

Sitecore 10 Docker Container vs Virtual Machines - Skybridge Infotech
Container vs Virtual Machines

In the virtual machine we virtualize the hardware stack and create the different Operating System environment on top of the host Operating System after that we put the different applications on top of the virtualized Operating System (Guest OS) but Containers virtualize the host Operating System then run the container on top of it that means containers running atop of Operating System Kernel directly which means more lightweight, it shares the kernel, start faster and use only the fraction of the memory compared to booting the entire operating system.

Sitecore with Docker

            Sitecore moves towards a microservices-based architecture, so containers are more helpful here this makes the performance of the website is instant. Use of the container we can run the multiple Sitecore instances simultaneously without worrying about another instance. In the Sitecore container no installation using SIF and SIM, Sitecore itself provides the docker images it is ready to use, so we can just get the instance up then start working on it. Using the Sitecore docker the onboarding process is simple which means we can run up the Sitecore environment very quickly in the developer machine, QA, and production environment.

Benefits of Sitecore Docker

  • Faster Time to Marker – Sitecore docker brings up the site faster so the business would be able to compete in the market also it helps in high traffic times we can scale the environment is faster.
  • Lower cost – Sitecore Docker runs on a top kernel of the hosted OS, it reduces the infrastructure cost when comparing with multiple containers hosted with a number of Virtual machines.
  • Flexibility – Containers are away from the operating system it runs with the kernel, so we can run images anywhere which means Dev, QA, and prod machines.

Sitecore 10 Docker Container | Sitecore CMS Development Services

Author: Vignesh Jothikumar, Sitecore Specialist.


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