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E-Commerce on Sitecore | Sitecore Ecommerce Service in USA India

E-Commerce on Sitecore Sitecore and Ecommerce Services - SkyBridge Infotech

E-Commerce on Sitecore | Sitecore Ecommerce Service in USA India

What is E-Commerce in Sitecore?

The  E-Commerce platform contains two auxiliary products:

  • a) Sitecore Commerce Server – which runs the back end of the e-commerce site
  • b) Sitecore Commerce Connect – which helps you connect a third-party e-commerce platform into the main Sitecore CMS.

What Are the Features of Sitecore Ecommerce?

  • Personalization
  • Connection
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Analytics

What are the Sitecore Ecommerce options available?

  • 1)Sitecore Ecommerce Services (SES) – Free with Sitecore

This module consists of a framework with a flexible API that enables the implementation of a custom eCommerce solution in Sitecore. Please note that this module is fully deprecated after version 7.2 and has been replaced by Commerce Connect, which facilitates the integration of third-party eCommerce platforms with Sitecore XP.

2) Active Commerce  – Lower-end pricing

  • This product is built on top of Sitecore Ecommerce Services (SES) and optimized for administration directly within Sitecore’s interfaces and with the DMS, including a user-friendly faceted search and products stored in Sitecore. Some customization usually required but very well equipped with API hooks along every transaction step and ships with a complete quick start solution to accelerate deployment.

3) uCommerce for Sitecore – Lower-end pricing

  • This product started in the market as an Umbraco integration, and since adding the Sitecore integration they have also focused on shop management embedded directly in Sitecore’s native interfaces and offer a quick start solution to accelerate deployment.  

4) Insite for Sitecore – Enterprise pricing

  • Insite as a standalone product is ranked as a “strong performer” for enterprise B2B commerce suites by Forrester. Insite has a separate products database, customer management and ERP integration, and the Sitecore connector offers a separate management console and replicates products as Sitecore items.

5) Sitecore Commerce – Enterprise pricing

Sitecore Commerce comes in two flavours: Powered By Commerce Server is a the newly branded Commerce Server acquisition, now integrated with Sitecore; a standalone version is also available.

Sitecore offers an e-commerce solution that’s flexible, scalable, rich with benefits, and backed by the power of the Sitecore CMS platform. With so many features and functionalities available to users, it’s hardly a surprise that more and more companies are adopting Sitecore Commerce.

SkyBridge Infotech is a certified offshore design & development agency, who also specialize in Sitecore CMS, Sitecore Commerce, & Sitecore consultancy. We build Sitecore Ecommerce websites and mobile applications.

E-Commerce on Sitecore | Sitecore Ecommerce Service in USA India

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