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Sitecore JavaScript Services – Sitecore Technology Partner

Sitecore JavaScript Services - Sitecore Technology Partners
Sitecore JavaScript Services – Sitecore Technology Partners

Sitecore JavaScript Services

1)   Sitecore JSS is a full Software Development Kit for developers.

2)  With the help of Sitecore and JavaScript services, users can build full-fledged solutions.

Sitecore JavaScript Services:

1)  Node.js development SDK – It is used for JS related websites and web applications.

2)  Server-Side API – It is used to enable headless Sitecore CMS functionality.

3) JSS is made of loosely coupled pieces like server components, Sitecore Configuration items, Layout, and Node.js packages tooling.

Using JSS Advantages:

1)  JSS supports multiple rendering modes and different typed of deployment stages.

2)  Sitecore Experience Platform tools like AB testing, personalization, analytics are available on the front end.

3)  Without Sitecore instance, developers are able to create JSS applications.

4)  It is integrated with familiar front end libraries like Vue, React.

JSS Install:

 1)  Front – End developers used NodeJS and few CLI Commends without the Sitecore installation. With the use of this setup, JSS replicates Sitecore best logics, templates, component-based development.

2)  Front end developers are able to deploy their application to Sitecore instance with advanced features. For example, Client management, Marketing tools, etc.

3)  JSS server-side components are binaries, configuration files, Sitecore definition items. These components are installed with the use of the Standard Sitecore package and it requires a Sitecore license with JSS key enabled.

4)  Sitecore License not at all required until we use JSS front end in disconnected mode.

5)  License is only required when running applications using back end servers for Sitecore integration and content management techniques.

6)  Sitecore license should have the JSS feature enabled to use it to serve the applications.

Workflow for developers:

1)  Developers will be able to create JSS based applications in many ways.

2)  Code First approach is allowing frontend developer to create renderings, layouts, routing placeholders and etc. in Sitecore. 

3)  JSS serves the content with an API to JSS client-side app when instead of HTML rendering layers.

Application Modes in JSS:

1)  Application modes are very important for back end developers to understand and this very important concept.

2)  With the use of these modes will be able to determine architecture and runtime of JSS.

JSS Application Modes:

1)  Disconnected Mode: No Sitecore instance needed, we can use local content inside JSS app, we used dev only environment.

2)  Connected Mode: With the use of this mode Sitecore serves control to local JSS application in Dev only.

3)  Integrated Mode: For this mode, Sitecore serves content to JSS applications and its required server Node. Experience editor support also need for this mode. We can use Dev/Prod.

4)  API only Mode: Sitecore server’s data between raw and presentation data with JSON. We can use Dev/Prod.

5)  Headless SSR (Server Side Rendering): Sitecore renders data via server-side node process and serves to JSS application.

Frequently used JSS scripts:

1)  JSS Setup

2)  JSS Start

3)  JSS Start: Connected

4)  JSS deploy config

5)  JSS deploy app

6)  JSS deploy files

7)  JSS deploy Component

Sitecore JavaScript ServicesSitecore Technology Partner


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