DBA Support

Our DBA team is dedicated to support the key aspects of your Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server database. We take care of your DBA and let you focus on the growth of your business. We provide absolute, proactive, dexterous support for all your database management activities. We support around the clock to detect and prevent problems as soon as possible and address necessity on the spot. We deliver on the highest standards of technical competence, client responsiveness, and business value for every client from database design, capacity planning, installation, upgrades, and recovery.

We offer services based on your business needs : DBA Support Services

  • Database Administration and Concurrent maintenance
  • Report and log file maintenance
  • Backup service monitoring
  • Database usage reports
  • Protect your data with 24x7 supports
  • Access a superior suite of reporting, monitoring & tracking tools
  • Obtain a thorough evaluation of your entire data infrastructure
  • Monitoring and Control Application Tier Services
  • Applications Usage and Concurrent Processing System Reports
  • System Alert Summary and Alert Notification Subscriptions
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Configuration Management