Silver Light

  • Silver Light technology in Skybridge Infotech is being utilized to create cross platform rich internet applications that can work on different browsers. Our user-experience design team works with Silver light, WPF and WCF services to develop and deliver software products and applications designed to impress your target audience across web and mobile platforms.
  • Microsoft Silver light is a web based technology which is becoming popular with desktop and mobile as well. Our company's team of developers can combine these technologies with your existing applications built on ASP.NET to enhance functionality and provide a truly refreshing and engaging user experience. Our services include:
    • Silver light Design and Applications Development
    • Silver light Web Development and Professional Services
    • Complete life cycle management of the projects using the Silver light Technology
    • Web enterprise applications with database integration
    • Expertise in WCF and WPF framework
    • Integration with existing .NET applications for improved functionalities.